Wish List

Donations accepted for Program / Ranch Supplies
Thank you so much for being so generous. Remember, your monetary and In Kind contributions are tax deductible.

Items Needed -


* Materials for fencing repair (as needed)  

* Manure Forks

* Wheel Barrow (for hauling hay/manure/session tools)

* Lumber (for building additional spaces, storage, or other structures/shelters needed)

* Hay Chix Hay Nets (small-medium for goats)

* 4-Wheeler / Side by Side Machine (for hauling hay/manure/tending pastures/etc) 

* Pasture Management Supplies such as: Manure spreader, pasture seed, weed control, etc.



Session Program:

* Colored Cones (small/medium)

* Washable Paints / Paint Brushes (different sizes)

* Paint Trays (cupcake or muffin pans work great!)

* Craft Materials (ex: craft wire, jewels/bling, beads, string)

* Barbed Wire (for crafts)

* Horse Obstacle Course Items 


Office/Sanitary Supplies:

* Bottled Water

* Paper Towels

* Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes

* Kleenex

* Bug Spray / Sunscreen

* Printer Paper/Printer Ink (HP)



* Hay/Grain  (donations towards)

* Farrier Care  (donations towards)  $35 per horse/scheduled approx every 8 weeks

* Vet Care  (donations towards)  Annual Vaccinations / Anoka Equine

* Fly Spray (summer months)

* Fly Masks / Turn Out Blankets (winter/summer)

* Yearly Equine Insurance (donations towards)  Approx $1600 per year

* De-Wormers 

* First Aid Supplies (Horse and Human)



Donations/Gift Cards for some of these items/supplies can be purchased at:

Tractor Supply, Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Anoka Equine.



Board Members Needed:

* Financial (Volunteer)
* Fundraising Coordinator (Volunteer)
Other Needs:
* Ranch/Chore Help (Volunteer) 
Can your business or workplace sponsor a need at Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves by donating needed items?
Building supplies and needed structures? Or sponsoring a program event, ranch expense, or animal care?
We need you and would love to partner with your business.
We appreciate your generosity 
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