Equine Assisted Mentorship


Equine Assisted Mentorship begins with working toward genuine healing from the inside out. We are purposed in our efforts to provide participants with a place of learning, adventure, support, respite, and fun. 
Encouraging growth in confidence, trust, and a healthy self-image by guiding, supporting, and encouraging each participant during Ranch activities.
Session Structure:
The overall goal of our session program is to encourage individuals toward HOPE in Jesus. 






Components that are generally included in each session are:


* Working with horses: Individuals will learn to correctly handle and brush horses. They will also learn general, basic horsemanship during some of their sessions. Equine activity may be chosen at the discretion of each mentor. Each session depends on the needs of the individual and of the horse on any given day. 
*(all Equine Assisted Mentorship activities are ground based, no riding) *
* Crafts: For those who do not wish to spend time with horses, we may have opportunity to choose a craft option for an individual and mentor to use.
(this option may not always be available) 
* Play: Often, the most valuable time in an individual's life, whether child or adult, is to allow and encourage playing. We offer opportunities for kids to simply be kids and physically play. Adults need FUN in their life as well! We have goats that are a great help in providing play time. Nature walks are a great way for discovery as well! 
* Chores: Each individual and mentor may complete a small ranch task at the beginning or end of the session. (approximately 10 minutes) This time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands. Often this opportunity empowers individuals to know how their efforts can make a loving difference to those around them.
*(chores may or may not be part of each individual session time) 


Sessions can include any of the above components or something entirely unique.
By following God's leading and the Holy Spirit's prompting, each mentor/leader determines the best course of action for each family/individual every time they are together. 
Our highest hope is for the heart of every individual to be encouraged forward, in their own unique and beautiful way-toward knowing the hope, peace, love, joy, laughter, freedom, and complete redemption of Jesus. 



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