Volunteer Opportunities

We love our faithful volunteers!
For all volunteer and/or mentorship opportunities please contact Angel at:  763-238-7283 
Or Email us at: angelinfo@hillsidehopethruhooves.com
Click the links below to download & print our volunteer forms:
Volunteer Application 
Volunteer Release of Liability Waiver
Volunteer Safety and Warning
Volunteer Photo Release  
Volunteer Interest Questions.pdf

Have you been wanting to make a difference in your community?

After all, hands that freely give help mend the broken.

Most of our volunteers are not coming for what they could get, they are coming to give. It is within the selfless and beautiful relationships between brokenness and horses that we witness miracles.


Volunteering is the foundational part of our program. Involvement in these tasks builds value into the heart of everyone.

We strive to teach that we can all do something to improve the life of someone else. This fulfills a need in one's heart-to be needed! Often times having this feeling of value is an integral part of healing and spiritual growth.



Volunteering and Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves Property we operate on

The beauty of Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves is a ministry all its own. Many visitors enjoy the chance to sit for a while in the peaceful environment. Creating and maintaining this environment can be a challenge. However, with your help, our volunteers are invaluable in keeping things going.


Hillside HOPE has been built by the hands of those who freely give their time. From lean to shelters, to grounds renovation, most everything has been blessed by the touch of a volunteer in one way or another, all without expecting anything in return.

If you live in the area and are interested in giving your time, we invite you to complete and return our Volunteer Application.

(Volunteer Training is required)


We rely on this team of volunteers to help our staff with the daily/weekly task list, as well as miscellaneous jobs that arise.

If you have a specific skill or gift that you would like to offer be sure to indicate that on your application.

* All volunteers must be 15 years of age or older. 

* Mentorship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must be a volunteer for one year prior to leveling up. 


Volunteer Application Process

*Complete and submit the Volunteer application (links above)

*Pass the background check (no cost to you)

*Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for an informal interview and to coordinate your schedule for volunteer training.


* We recommend you sign up for one of our tours if you are unfamiliar with the program.


* Please note that only HHTH staff lead sessions with kids and families.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor in our session program, please contact Angel for more info on our mentorship program. 


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