About Us

Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves  

The heart of our program is to provide a faith based sanctuary and equine ministry for individuals and families to experience hope, healing and personal growth. Each session is offered with a variety of activities. There is one main purpose to what we do.... mentor and empower each individual through Christ's love.


How do we do this?

This is accomplished by inviting you to come as you are. The mentors of Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves work hard to pair individuals with a horse or activity that will encourage them to move forward toward hope, healing, and their own personal walk with Jesus. This process takes on many unique, fun and beautiful forms.

*Every session is a personalized experience for the individual. 


Purposeful Conversation - Mentors lead by asking thought provoking questions and listening for honest answers. A safe place is created for individuals to talk about their life, ask questions, release pain, and experience the healing love of God.


All activities are GROUND BASED (there is no riding) and chosen at the discretion of each mentor. Some of these session activities may include: working with horses, chores, games, crafts, and life skills.

A secondary goal of our program is to educate individuals in equine safety and Horsemanship.  All individual activities are structured to accomplish our primary goal of individuals growing in their personal walk with Christ in a loving and safe environment. Through hands-on experience, individuals are taught the values of faith, trust, and hope.

Our Focus
The focus of Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves is to provide a Christ-centered foundation of mentorship using the healing bond with horses to help guide and empower behavioral changes, meeting individuals in their brokenness through practicing the pray, listen, do focus. This approach is a powerful tool for people of all walks of life dealing with real life issues. 
Our Mission:
To provide a faith based sanctuary offering hope and healing for children, teens, and adults through equine assisted growth and learning.
Our Vision:
To provide a safe place for those who are hurting, where hope, healing, and discovery can occur through the bond of horses and incorporating biblical values and truths.
* Hillside Hope Thru Hooves is one of many similar ministries around the world using horses to share the love of Jesus Christ with people! Check out Crystal Peaks' Similar Ministries Finder if you would like to search for other ranches similar to ours in your area.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.









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