Session Program

Hillside HOPE Thru Hooves Session Program
What We Offer:

Individual and Family Sessions (No Riding) 

To include but not limited to:

* Equine Assisted Mentorship for children, teens, adults, families.
* All equine session activities are GROUND based. We do not offer riding * 
What We Provide:
We provide one on one mentorship and spiritual growth for those struggling in their brokenness. We include ground based horsemanship using teachable moments in our sessions. Each session is one hour.
We are not a therapy or counseling program. Mentorship is different from therapy in that we are not here to "solve the problem" or offer professional advice in how to deal with trauma or challenges. 
The role of a mentor is not to "fix" the participant but to empower them to grow and overcome challenges. The mentor guides and directs with the purpose of building up the confidence of their participant and equipping them to do things themselves.
* (see our Equine Assisted Mentorship page for session structure and components) 
Requirements for sessions:
Closed-toed shoes are required in order to participate in any activities with animals. (Crocs or flip flops are not acceptable) 


Requirements for participation:   
Our session program is available for ages 7-adult. Occasional exceptions are made based on individual circumstances. The only true requirement needed is that each individual wants to come to the Ranch. This indicates an open heart that is willing to receive. 
Sessions typically run bi-weekly, year round. We are motivated to do our best in order to accommodate each family as much as possible, however we may not always be able to guarantee a bi-weekly spot. 



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